SyNAPSE: Synthesizing Network Accelerators using Programmable Switching Equipment

When implementing network functions (NFs), developers are often confronted with a choice: implement the NF in software and face the challenge of performance, or use one of a wide variety of programmable networking devices, such as programmable switches and SmartNICs, to trade-off some flexibility for the ability to process packets at full line rate.

With SyNAPSE we ask "Why not have both?". We propose a synthesis based approach to automatically generate accelerated implementations of a Software NFs, using smart network devices whenever possible to increase performance.


  • Bruno Freitas (IST - U. Lisbon)
  • Francisco Machado (IST - U. Lisbon)
  • Francisco Pereira (IST - U. Lisbon)
  • João Tiago (IST - U. Lisbon)
  • Justine Sherry (CMU)
  • Ruben Martins (CMU)
  • Fernando Ramos (IST - U. Lisbon / INESC-ID)
  • Luis Pedrosa (IST - U. Lisbon / INESC-ID)

We're Hiring!

If working with software network functions (NFs), software-defined networking (SDN), programming network equipment in P4, or program synthesis seem exciting to you, join us!

We have an opening for a scholarship if you already have a masters degree. Apply online by December 14, 2020.